"/> China to provide doctors protection, testing kits, other equipment to Pakistan: NDMA



China to provide doctors protection, testing kits, other equipment to Pakistan: NDMA

March 24, 2020 40 No Comments


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ISLAMABAD: National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Chairman Lieutenant General Mohammad Afzal has urged people to help other nationals instead of profiteering amid coronavirus crisis, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

NDMA chairman Lt Gen Mohammad Afzal, while addressing a group of journalists, said the authorities are making decisions as per available resources.

“We have tried to place purchase orders for medical equipment including ventilators around the world but it is unfortunate to find nothing from the countries except China. China has assured to provide ventilators and other equipment to Pakistan and the first shipment of N95 will arrive in the country tomorrow from China.”

“Our actual work will commence from Friday when medical equipment starts arriving in the country. China will provide us with doctors’ protection kits, 50,000 testing kits, and other necessary equipment. It is possible that Pakistan will temporarily open the border for one day on March 28. We will place the order to China on March 27 and the equipment will reach to Pakistan on March 28.”

“Pakistan has booked six orders during the last 1.5 months. People should avoid profiteering and step forward to help the nation. It is the time to help others and you can earn money as well when [the crisis of] coronavirus ends.”

“Many European countries booked orders with Chinese companies for one year each. However, China has still assisting Pakistan and timely providing all necessary equipment,” said Afzal.




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