About US

ARY Tube is the official video hosting website for the ARY media group. It has 8 channels under its umbrella including ARY News, ARY Digitial, ARY Zindagi, ARY Zauq, ARYMusik, ARY QTV and exclusive distribution rights of Nickelodeon and HBO in Pakistan.

Wondering about tonight’s 9 pm headlines or what is viral on the internet? Have missed your favorite talk show? Have doubts over religious matters? Are you a music freak? skeptical about the government policies and wishing for an in-depth analysis or just simply confused about how to prepare mouth watering ‘gulab jamuns’?

Then here is a chance to catch on your missed out shows and events from our wide range of selected video clips, from the nation’s finest drama serials, political talk shows, cooking and entertainment shows as we aim to keep you entertained 24/7.

Our live streaming link will give you access to developing news stories and allow you to watch the shows and events as they unfold.

Please use the above text and for contact us just leave an email address there [email protected]

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