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World turns  blind eye as plights of Burma Muslims soar



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  • Sher Mohammad 1 year ago

    Bohot afsos hay ke log barish ki wajah se Eid ki namaz bhi nahee parh sakay,

  • Idrees Zafran 1 year ago

    shohbda baz shareef,,,,,,metro parwar

  • Shahab ud Din Afridi 1 year ago

    I have no affiliation with any political party to criticize any one but this is very strange that every one blame the Punjab govt for the heavy rain falls.Being Muslims v belief in ALLAH and it is impossible that a human being challenge the powers of ALLAH almighty,I means that Shahbaz or Hamza have not signed any agreement with the ALLAH about the rain falls according to the choice of the people of Punjab.If Punjab Govt made arrangements for two days rain and the rain remain for four days, than any body have the power to stop it, no body except the ALLAH mighty, so please I request the media to stop personal attacks over the characters of respectables.