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Woh Ishq Tha Shayed Ep 16 Woh Ishq Tha Shayed Ep 16 ,A fascinating love story of Asna and Sherry, her rich college friend. Despite all the opposition from sherry’s parents for class differences, he remains pertinent to marry Asna. Situation gets worse when Sherry gets kidnapped and Asna’s parents force her to get married to another guy, upon which she agrees to Aamir’s proposal.

Woh Ishq Tha Shayed Ep 16 – 28th June 2015

When Sherry gets an escape from this forceful abduction, he gets to know that Asna got married to someone else. Aamir a through gentlemen slowly tries to win his wife’s heart. Asna’s love for Aamir never gets the chance to see daylight as Aamir dies in sudden car accident leaving Asna in nostalgia of incomplete love…

Eternal love may not be very easy to attain!

Ishq is a fervent love for someone regardless of any boundaries of race, class, religion & looks…

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  • Fasih Ali Khan 1 year ago

    It is truly inhuman. There seems to be no difference between ISIL Terorrists and Saudi Government.

  • Fasih Ali Khan 1 year ago

    Pakistanis demand Zaid Hamid’s Release!

  • Al Hayyani 1 year ago

    he should be released