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Sanam Baloch highlights the story of Geeta in The Morning Show



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  • asgher 1 year ago

    Drink more water, stay indoors, avoid direct sunlight. wear caps and carry umbrella.
    If feel dizzy or feel you cannot lift hands and keep your hands up ‘equally’ please run to the hospital.

  • Alvi Qadri 1 year ago

    Every year Affluent Muslims from across the world fulfill their duty of paying Zakat, Several Million Dollars are collected and send to Pakistan, Majority of prosperous Muslims in Pakistan also Pay Zakat, But even then Why there is no improvement in the lives of Orphans, widows, Suffering, needy, deprived, miserable and poor Muslims? Why are they not getting any relief? Only one reason: Majority of the organizations and Majority (Not All) of clerics (Molvis/Muftis) that are collecting Zakat-Fund are not dividing it into beneficiaries. So let us distribute our Zakat and Sadqat by hand to Poor, Orphans widows, and to those who deserve help! This is high time for action! Muslim Ummah is suffering. Do the needful help and charity by your hand only. Distribute Food, Water bottles, Water Coolers, Ice Cooler boxes, medicines and other essential items. ALLAH Taala’s love for His creation is great, more than the love of 70 mothers! So have mercy on ALLAH’s creation, save their lives, love them, support them, and solve their problems. As a modest servant of Nabi-ur-Rehmat (Sallallahu Alehi wa aalihi wa sallam) it’s high time to play your role. Instead of hoarding funds for Masajids (Mosques) and Madarsahs we should first take care of needy poor and suffering. Zakat, Fitrah, Sadqah and Alms should only be distributed to Orphans, widows, Suffering, needy, deprived, miserable and poor Muslims. May ALLAH Taala fill our hearts with the True love of Rasool ALLAH (Sallallahu Alehi wa aalihi wa sallam) that enlightens our hearts so that we may distinguish between HAQ (Right) and Batil (wrong ).