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Who funded and how was ISIS formed – shocking revelations



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  • Nazir Ahmed Abbasi 1 year ago

    Funding from International countries is not a problem There are many NGOs Associations in Pakistan which are being funded by International level In past Jamaete Islami was funded by America Now question is funding of India to MQM since 1994 and getting training by some workers of MQM in India it is surprizing that 21 years have been passed but feedral Agencies including ISI of Pakistan were unknown Now British media has given news which has awaken all and the blamed party was taking part in legislative Assemblies of Pakistan since 1994 and attending APCs and other meetings of National causes However this serious issue be examined by feedral Agencies including ISI before tskind any Action Against MQM which is sitting in saint National Assembly and as leader of Apposition in sindh Assembly