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  • femto 1 year ago

    i have an opinion that do requires expert`s opinion

    Allow memberships In your hospitals called patient

    Charge money per year and give them free medical checkup for
    a year.

    See there are many people who visit doctors quite a long
    time. When you will Give them facility of providing they will start paying you
    consultation fee which They are not paying you any way.

    hospital can also give them attraction that if you will pay us we
    will give you discount

    On admission and operation or free admission and operation

    Guess if a patient not willing to pay hospital fee he will
    start paying you for his Psychological Satisfaction. This will affect your doctors practice plus
    expertise on your profession.

    You can give different packages like after certain age 60 or 70 we
    will give you free medical advice plus Checkup .You can say start paying us now to get better
    better medical securities.

    It will be insurance type facility but in better way instead of unreasonable claim by any client or unreasonable denial by insurance company and matter will be solved at hospital.

    It will be good for humanity at large

    I hope it can work economically also