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  • Gruham 1 year ago

    China makes an aircraft and pakistan sells it. Its indeed a strong defence partnership between the two countries !!!

  • jamshed_kharian_pak 1 year ago

    Islamic Republic Of Pakistan and Peoples Republic Of China we are neighbors very good friends has no history of violence among two Sisters republics brotherly relations are at highest level since the very first Day! JF-17 fighter jets are fruit of common hard work, Islamic world with 62 islamic countries has very very big market good luck and felicitations, world is Ours!

  • Patriot 1 year ago

    Jealous Indian go back to and work on your Tejas — instead of wasting our time by trolling here! Get LOST!

  • Gruham 1 year ago

    Jealous? That’s only when my neighbor has something better than what I have.

    This a Chinese airplane, copied from a Russian design and now an attempt to sell it by Pakistan.

    At least we “jealous” Indians work on “our” Tejas, and dont waste time by trying to sell Chinese products, claiming it as our own.