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Tumse Mil Kay“If you keep on believing in your dreams… it will come true.”

Tumse Mil Kay – Last Episode – 23rd July 2015

Tumse Mil Kay – Last Episode – 23rd July 2015, A story about a beautiful girl who was left alone in this world, dreaming that one day a prince charming would come to rescue her from all her miseries. She patiently waits for the magic of destiny to spellbind the charm of love everywhere. This charm may not be everlasting because the fear of reality haunts her by every passing day.

Every girl dreams about a prince charming who will be her soul mate for all the uncertainties of life… For a prince its sometimes difficult to find his princess and make everything according to her with his mesmerizing charm… Sometimes finding your love becomes complicated… Finding your dream lover sometimes remains a dream….



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  • Naveed 1 year ago

    Unbelievable! the cancer of radicalization and terrorism is eating even the bright more privileged youth. May Allah protect all Pakistanis, all sects from these venomous monsters who kill for no rhyme no reason.

  • fareedquraishi 1 year ago

    People must be aware and conscious what actually has happening around them and promptly report them to the appropriate people. If people remain ignorant then nothing could be straighten.

  • Khan 1 year ago

    Why cant they just arrest Lal Masjid’s cleric Maulvi Abdul Aziz. He is basically the root cause since long for all these kind of terrorist activities. I don’t know after all what kind of a religion is this imbecile pursuing.

  • Ahmed Ashiqali 1 year ago

    i had only 1 thing to ask Y Maulana nd Mufti them self don’t do jihad nd sacrifies there life Y They brain wash such a talented students nd converting them into terrorism by projecting Islam in a wrong way . Islam is a Religion on Peace nd Harmony

  • Dilshad Hussain 1 year ago

    ye Sub Dekh kar insaniyat Kharab Dekhtii Nazar Arahii hai Hum Baatain Tou Bohat Karte hain Parr Insaniyat Kii Par Amal Nahi karte …

    ALLAH pak is Bache Ko jannat ul Firdos main Ala se ala maqam Ata Farmayen …

    Ameen Sum ameen ….