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Train incident: three more bodies recovered from canal



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  • aleem zeeshan 1 year ago

    True, i have never seen any one more selfish and coward like misbah! he has been given consistent 5 years long run which no captain in Pakistan ever had the luxury of, yet we are debuting players in WORLD CUP, no planning, no grooming of youngsters, he just comes and make a fifty in 100 balls in loosing cause so that no body can criticize him. what a disgrace this man is for the nation. Due to politics he dropped sarfraz. Also this waqar younis is a great match fixer in his time and known for politics under wasim akram captaincy. he should be sacked immediately as well.

  • Ifti Neel 1 year ago

    If Pakistan Team really cared for their country than at least they would have given WI or IND a very hard time. Winning and Losing YES are a part of a game but not like this specially when you come from a country that has given legends like Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Zaheer Abbas etc because those players played for their country like there was no tomorrow. Reason why the captain is criticized like this as from Shoaib Akhtar because it’s his dam duty to oversee his teammates give them a sign of hope and strength but I truly believe Misbah ul Haq your body language has never said or showed us that EVER!!! You don’t show any compassion nor the responsibility when you need to lead the team you seem as if whatever the team players say to you, you are like “OK sure why not” “OK fine go ahead” I mean come on for Allah’s sake and wake up what the HELL is wrong with you. At least learn something from Pakistan’s previous captains how they lead their teams specially looking at Imran Khan, he used to even scold his players when they were making mistakes and look where he led the country. He didn’t play for himself he took everyone under his wing and played for the country and got us the 92 World Cup.
    I know clearly know you have to support your families as well but at what COST??? you can still earn without manipulating your consciousness, for once be like a real man and face the tough situations and go through them by believing in ALLAH nor the money.