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Tere Dar Per Ep 02Tere Dar Per Ep – 02 ,Life is simply a matter of luck. Sometimes it is in your favor and sometimes it is not.

Tere Dar Per Ep – 02 – 4th August 2015 – Drama Plot

Narmeen the charming younger daughter of Riaz Sahab. Her lovable father to whom she lost because he mistrusted me and couldn’t survive. Riaz Sahab the Rigid Father of Nermeen. Family is one’s greatest strength but sometimes it becomes the most tedious struggle of life. Aqeela who is dominant and envious elder sister of Nermeen.

Sharing the same blood does not make you sister. She was supposed to be my safe heaven but she made my life Miserable. Zaheer is her brother-in-law who always supported her sister in her wickedness. Sikander has always been her supporter but his well wishes and love ruined my life..

And due to her sister’s inequity she had to marry Afan who was already married and is very older to me.

Afan is Nermeen’s insecure husband and after loosing her husband she realized that struggle never ends.. It is required to survive, because in order to stand up for something you should know what falling down was like!!



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  • Iftikhar Ahmed 1 year ago

    memon ,hes another crook.

  • Iftikhar Ahmed 1 year ago

    what they did when they were in power, they all need to be hanged.