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  • Khan 1 year ago

    This guy Imran Khan has become the biggest problem child for Pakistan since a while now. Poking each and everybody throughout. Don’t you forget that you yourself is a creation of establishment. If you cant stick yourself to your words then its better to stfu. Calling for a Civil Disobedience and when it comes to his wife and children, giving a damn about it which is a very small example of his mess created. I am sure there would be many others of his idiotic leading style.
    And ARY News, for god sake, kindly portray yourself as an unbiased media which is actually the work you have been assigned for. You have to present true and fair reports rather than taking sides.

  • Sultan 1 year ago

    Kindly accept truth Imran khan is the first leader who can directly attack MQM @khan

  • Bilal 1 year ago

    Stop talking lame and come up with some reasonable argument.

  • Khan 1 year ago

    Nops, its the back office. IK is just a front part to be shown to the general public.