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Sindh Assembly passes resolution against Altaf amid MQM protest



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  • Ameer Paul 1 year ago

    Don’t say any thing about Kingdom in S. Arabia; They are Most Arrogant, Most Cruel, Corrupt, and they have HOLLOW UPPER CHAMBER. but don’t you know that they are the GOD CHOSEN people, (NAUZIBILLAH).

  • fareedquraishi 1 year ago

    I dont know what provoked you? Indians in Saudi Arabia are more in number than Pakistanis. WHo whats so ever break the law of the land, he has to face the Music. If you forgot, then I have to remind you what Indians are doing with two Italian Naval personnel similarly what happened to Shahrukh Khan in America and the famous incident in which Indian Diplomat was observed keeping a maid on less wages……………..I dont know how you can point a finger towards some one when four are towards your self………..Have a nice day

  • I think GOVT is involved in it how is it possible he got arrested suddenly and punished it is a conspiracy against our hero, strongly condemn the coward act of saudia very strange act as like they are living in a stone age.

  • Hasan 1 year ago

    What KSA authorities are doing for Pakistan, openly funding to terrorists ad supporting government for their interest. PM must talk to king for his release and ensure that any Pakistani in Kingdom must be respected as our soldiers are there to protect them and alone they can not do anything for their country and themselves. We should not be ashamed and nor be in any complex talking to them eye to eye.

  • Enovabiz 1 year ago

    Saudis are the masters. They have done the right thing. In fact, every Pakistani butt belongs to Saudi Arabia.

  • Faizan Khan 1 year ago

    Pakistan should look into the matter officially. Is criticizing KSA policies a bigger crime than adultery or murder? The punishment is more harsh than even those crimes. KSA is sister country to USA and Israel.

  • Sand Man 1 year ago

    This arrest and follow up sentence only helps Ralph Peters to materialize his map. I hope the King understands it. King is axing his own feet.

  • aleem pervaiz 1 year ago

    the way the saudi’s deal with pakistanis is shameful and disgusting. they have the most inhumane attitude towards pakistanis particularly those poor pakistani drug paddlers who are beheaded and actual drug dealer are not arrested or penalized. poverty is one of the major problems of the muslim world and these stupid arabs are spending millions of dollars on bloody whores of western world. they are alkohalic and gamblers. what they did with zaid hamid is shameful, he may be a controvercial person but he isa well read person so should be respected. the pakistan governmnet should take appropriate measures for his early release

  • Sahil 1 year ago

    Why would Saudis do that to Pakistan? After all Pakistanis are descendants of Saudis….

  • khizar_07 1 year ago

    He’s a madman.
    He is UNAWARE that most of the media is fake.
    He spends all day and night commentating on nonsense!

  • shahid 1 year ago

    The freedom of expression is a fundamental right and Zaid Hamid’s views, particularly those against Saudi Arabia and the takfeeris has lots of weight, as he would base these views on sound knowledge and arguments. His views were that these groups who were behind ISIS and al Quaeda stemmed from these Kharijites. This view is not to dissimiliar to that of many political pundits around the world and I don’t see Saudi Arabian government doing anything to those people. The government of Pakistan will do nothing because it supports the Kharaji regime. Most decent governments would have severed ties with a government that arrested and sentenced their sovereign national on nonsensical charges.

  • Abu Ibrahim 1 year ago


  • People are talking about freedom of speech, that concept arises only in “Proper” democracy. And he already wanted Shariah (Or some thing like that) for Pakistan, and then theres no free speech. Saudi has shariah (O.S.T.L.T) in place so no freedom bhai jaan. Let him taste it before it advocates it in Pakistan.

  • Cleanviewer 1 year ago

    In fact, if the news is correct then by Saudi standards the punishment is ‘mild’. It is an open secret that in KSA political dissidence is very serious crimr and dissidents are dealt with in a different manner. They simply ‘disappear’ and media can’t report it! Zaid is admittedly brainless that he didn’t know basics about KSA.

  • sorry if I made any wrong point.

    What I mean was, many Muslim specially in Paskistan want Saudi type laws in their country.

    But Now do they love it when It is being implemented for one of their citizen.

  • Saleem Haq 1 year ago

    You are right about “law of land” dear! Please tell me as to which law of Sauds was broken by Yemen, so that the Saudi is hell bent on killing and maiming hundreds and thousands of innocent Yemeni women, children, elderly etc.

  • Saleem Haq 1 year ago

    Yes my friend you are right, but a huge difference is that Saud is a family and they are ruling Arabia for nearly a century and that’s why their family name is prefixed with Arabia (Saud i Arabia). Remember that Arabia is not Sauds’ family property, just the way Pakistan is not Nawaz’s or Zardari’s family property!

    Military is there to serve Pakistan and they lay down their lives for us. I’m not saying they are perfect people, and know that nor are we! They are just million times better than our ‘democratic’ thugs / leaders and they are in a better position to defend Pakistan externally as well as internally. When the country is completely sold out and mortgaged to US, Israel, India etc. then what role our military will be left with?

  • fareedquraishi 1 year ago

    Point of discussion is “Law of Land” with in the boundaries of any country…….You do some thing inside USA may be dealt differently than done in any other country then would you justify what Americans are doing in Iraq or why did they support Israel or why did they dropped Atomic bombs…………..breaking law of the country and aggression against some country, both are different subjects….Any ways aggression or attacking some country is subject to their national security….What happened in the case of East Pakistan, Afghanistan…………I hope you must be understanding…..Dont confuse between the two different subjects (interior and Foreign)

  • fareedquraishi 1 year ago

    First of all Saudis are not our “Masters” but friends and brothers. As far as National interest is concerned Pakistan refused to send forces to Yemen or become a part of their coalition against Yemen. So it is evident that Pakistan does not treat KSA as Master. Yes its a propaganda and your bigotry attitude due to our strong relationship with them. And it will remain like this in the future against what ever is your wish.

    Saudi type Laws…….If you mean strict laws …………..then Laws are always strict in each country of the world. Soft laws does not suffice.

    None of the country will make their laws on your or my wish, its their needs how and why they want. For example EU wants many countries abolish death sentence from their law therefore putting pressures and embargoes etc where as USA law has also a death penalty and they also awarded to many persons but EU never pressurized them.

    Second thing is the implementation of laws in KSA that is better than 99% of the countries….
    Implementation of laws could only possible through rapid disposal of the cases by the courts. Now look in India and Pakistan, people get engaged in court cases for years and years; so the aggrieved party remains a victim for years and years and some times are victimised more as revenged by others etc……which system is good. What do you think ours where you have to waste money for years, where the lawyers can compromise on their clients for money, where courts can be bought, where decisions can be sold, where you die on every proceeding, where generally rich and powerful wins the cases, where you fila a case and your son receives the decision……or a rapid, fast and strict decision against your opponent. So that other people also get a lesson from that punishment. (LOL…many major cases in India are already under court proceedings but yet your nation has to wait for more years….even the cases against Modi….yu want this type of system in KSA)

    Thirdly, Saudis have to be strict they cant be lenient……..
    Its an important question……
    Any one ruling KSA cant be lenient…billions of billions people travel to KSA each year and from all over the world if they make lenient laws or become lenient, KSA cant survive. If even half of the people start coming to India then You people will also make strict laws and rapid executions………If you people would be strict, implementations would be fast then many foreigners would have been saved from RAPE in India even Indian women.

    Fourthly, the way of execution of penalties……..
    Many countries has different ways…USA poison injection, hanging in many SE Asian countries, in some countries through bullet and in KSA beheading…………..Its the Major punishment…..or lashes or cutting of hands etc…….So its their country…..due to these types of punishments, the crime rate in KSA is less than most of the countries in the world…..USA, GB, France, India, Germany, Japan, Russia has the highest rate of crime in the world. So do you have the right with one of the highest rate of crime can comment/demand how to deal with crimes from other country…Be genuine and answer

    Fifthly, past and present scenario of the region.
    With so many visitors from all over the world, the unrest in the area (Gulf countries), IS and Alqaeda uprising, recent wave of terrorism in Kuwait and KSA, and above all their own Kingship…….So they need strict laws and it is justified.

    I hope now you would have understood

  • fareedquraishi 1 year ago

    Kindly check the numbers of Indians and Pakistanis are living/working in India…..Import / export with both countries and many other things……Be on factual statistics……..
    Secondly, Saudis are not Masters but our friends and brothers and they will remain. The bonding will remain strong and long lasting against the will and wish of the open enemies of Pakistan, hidden enemies of KSA and Muslims.

    Any one breaks the law he has to face the Music and this is the best justice whether he is brother, friend or what ever has the relationship…..

    First you answer why India is in the Top ten countries having a highest crime rate. Do you have the right to talk about other countries when your own country men are going, living there for work, goes for religious rituals and PM meets the King to get benefits…….Yar itni bhi HYPOCRISY thiek nahi

  • Sher Gul 1 year ago

    this is really ridiculous..zahid hameed and his speach in saudi arab?how many arabs were there? in which language he spok?the paki media also don,t want to tell us the real story….pakistan is become arab colony..thausends of our pakistanies are suffering in saudi arab..pakistan doesn,t we need pakistan?we all pakistanies are helpless,and homeless..pakistan belongs to the landlords…wishes

  • Valid points.

    But, for your kind information, there is no case against Modi in any court.

  • Saleem Haq 1 year ago

    My friend first of all we should see who have made the laws? The holy lands of Mecca and Medina are in custody of Sauds. So if they are not pious and just then do they deserve to bear this responsibility? Quran clearly says that if a Muslim kills another Muslim for a set purpose, his place/home is hell. Take example of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) himself and tell me how many of his enemies were punished just because they said something against the Prophet? His foreign and interior policies were in line with each other, without any contradictions i.e. JUST & FAIR FOR ALL REGARDLESS OF THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!

    If you say that Sauds are unjust then it’s fine to agree that whatever ‘law’ they have was broken, because it’s satanic law not Prophetic! I guess when we all see anything unjust happening anywhere we tend to speak, whether on their own land or on ours, if we own the land somehow! The land belongs to no one. The civilisations have come and gone and still we are talking about owning the land! Many people suffer at the hands of tyrants because they speak the truth and you know that truth is always bitter! I guess if one does something unjust and then gets pissed off by somebody’s truthful remarks about his actions and then that tyrant further acts unjustly by punishing that person, so what you will call that tyrant? In fact that tyrant should be removed by force and given the equal punishment i.e. Eye for an Eye! Of course Allah likes those who forgive, but if if you forgive such tyrants then they will continue to tread on their old ways because they don’t follow any religion, though they pretend to!

  • Ryan Subbu 1 year ago

    It is not why he spoke whom to spoke, it is what he spoke, need not be in SA but any where else. This idiot seems that he is indispensable to pakstan, Pakistanis and Pak army. It is pity that his listeners never realised the quality of defence analysts. Je is big mouthed one calling every other fellow a traitor as though he is the only patriot in whole of Pakistan. His over zealous talks earned him not respect but a name Joker,. And he was. He went on stacking lies over lies just to prove his ignorance.
    The pity she became the Victim of his own channels and Mener Bukhari and neelum nawab both enjoyed tickling him with their questions and he also not realising he is an entertainer went on talking with all the adjectives in the dictionary. Main menu were bashing India Hindus , Isreal Jews, U.S. And Americans, NATO and western powers. Next was Islam Jinnah , Iqbal Pak army Pak defence, ISI, GhQ etc Third he targeted called and demanded nothing less than death by hanging on each lamp post of Islamabad , Hamid Mir, N Sharieff brothers, Mrvi sirmed, Hassan Nissar, Najam sethi pervez hood bhoy, ashrafi etc and light punishments to Musharaff and Kayani etc he was demanding degree of punishments and imposing on judiciary. Iftikar choudri was his greatest enemy with in Pakstan.
    He was in to maligning NModi referring him in singular and by names even after Modi got elected as PM. He venom extended to other Muslim world including pay masters Saudi Arabia.

    In total he ever maintained the dignity of either Islam ,Pakistan or Pakistanis or unto himself.