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 Shan-e-Ramzan 2015

Ramzan is a sacred month for every Muslim across all continents as it infuses spiritual beliefs with the spirit of sharing, sacrifice, and unity to strengthen faith.

This year once again ARY Digital brings Shan-e-Ramzan to entertain and educate our esteemed viewers with special programs throughout Ramzan in Shan-e-Sehr and Shan-e-Iftar transmission.

The show will be hosted by the distinguished and the most loved Waseem Badami.

Iftar Transmission

Just like Sehr Transmission, Shan-e-Iftar is filled with spiritually rich programs of diversified feel and notion, that will uplift the essence of Ramzan. The Iftar transmission will start daily from 2:30 pm only on ARY Digital.

Religious Scholars

Featuring renowned  Religious Scholars of different sects as guests, who will use their knowledge to discuss various religious issues and answer questions from the audience.


Daily segment of Shan-e-Iftar & Shan-e-Sehr where Iqrar ul Hassan will reach to the deserving souls who are eager for help.


A daily interactive segment, in which audience will be answering the questions to win exciting prizes.


A daily Islamic Quiz segment in Iftar and Sehr in which students from different universities and colleges will participate to win a bumper prize.

Middath-e-Rasool (S.A.W.W.)

Middath-e-Rasool (S.A.W.W.) will feature various renowned naat khawans, reciting beautiful verses.


A daily segment of cooking competition in Iftar. Participants from the audience will be invited to prepare their favorite dishes which will be judged by expert chefs.

Sehri Ka Dastarkhwan

A daily segment of Sehri where Waseem Badami and notable scholars will have LIVE Sehri with audience while discussing different Islamic queries.


Daily segment of Shan-e-Sehar where notable scholars and  Aalim would advice legitimate prayers to seek forgiveness from Allah.

Roza Kushai

A LIVE segment in which audience will participate in celebrations of first “Roza Khushai” of kids present in the audience. Hosts, Guests and Religious Scholars will also join the festivity.


Daily segment of Iftar Transmission where letters from viewers would be shared, who are seeking advice from scholars to rectify their past mistakes.


Daily a renowned Naat Khuwan will be invited as a Guest in Sehri Transmission and he will be asked to recite his famous Naats.


Watch Shan-e-Ramzan 2015 daily only on ARY Digital, Shan-e-Sehar from 2:00 am to 4:00 am and Shan-e-Iftar from 2:00 pm. only on ARY Digital.



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  • Paul Gomes 1 year ago

    What a shame the
    killing of the bus passengers in Karachi.
    It is not a random attack. The
    Sunni Muslim philosopher Muhammad Iqbal first popularized the idea of Pakistan.
    He died in 1938, nine years before Pakistan’s independence, but the cause was
    taken up by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. With critical financial support from the Aga
    Khan, Jinnah saw Pakistan through to independence, and became its first
    governor-general. Jinnah was a
    also Ismaili Muslim. The largest single financial
    support for the Pakistan movement can be directly traced to the Agha Khan
    Family of Prince Karim Agha Khan. Most
    of the Muslims of India were poor people.
    The Agha Family were royalty and supported Jinnah in his efforts to lead
    the charge for the independence of Pakistan.
    Now we are killing the Agha Khani and Shia people. WHY? Do
    you see a pattern in this terrorism against Pakistan? What a shame. I think it is still the Saudi hand working
    against Iran framed as Sunni vs Shia.
    There is no such thing in my memory.
    The Pakistan I remember where Shia or Syed’s got great respect from
    everyone. Why innocent people get
    slaughtered is beyond me.

    Funny thing is that
    terrorism in Pakistan will be put to sleep.
    The big brother is now awake. The
    big brother is China. The economic
    corridor worth 46 bn is going to make sure Pakistan is nice and quiet and
    serene and developing fast…………….for the sake of China. And guess what………….they have taken care of
    India while they are at it. Since the
    corridor is going through Azad Kashmir………China has given a serious message to
    India to keep its dirty hands out of Pakistan or they will face the wrath of
    China directly. The army under Raheel
    Sharif is 100% devoted to make Pak great.