Program Highlights


A program where Dr. Danish will be sitting with members of conflicting view points from each side who will oppose and contradict each other’s arguments. The show will encompasses a different array of topics that will allow the guests to be political, social, economic and even corporate adversaries.

Timing : 10:05 PM (Fri – Sun)



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  • Parvez Akhtar 1 year ago

    ڈگری تو میں نے بھی لینی ھی ابھی تو میلا ھی اجڑ گیا۔ ڈگری تو ڈگری ھی ھوتی ھے اصلی ھو یا نقلی

  • Nazir Ahmed Abbasi 1 year ago

    Amir liaqat has Admitted that he has managed fake Degree Now Agencies should have to take action against Middle man

  • sayed ahmad 1 year ago

    عامر لیاقت پرسینلی بہت اچہا انسان ہے.