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A program where Dr. Danish will be sitting with members of conflicting view points from each side who will oppose and contradict each other’s arguments. The show will encompasses a different array of topics that will allow the guests to be political, social, economic and even corporate adversaries.

Timing : 10:05 PM (Fri – Sun)



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  • I don’t think all those serious for betterment of Indo Pak ties wud like this kind of Pakistan bashing…and then a star like Salman Khan endorsing it this way. Bollywood and its stars are seen in Pakistan as International rather than national entities …..If this satire emanated from within Pakistan it would have been a different matter ..that of selfcriticism but I hope someone among this group realizes this and rises above their sheer urg for fame at the cost of damaging already strained relations between the two countries. Actors and artists should be the last ones to contribute to this tension