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A program where Dr. Danish will be sitting with members of conflicting view points from each side who will oppose and contradict each other’s arguments. The show will encompasses a different array of topics that will allow the guests to be political, social, economic and even corporate adversaries.

Timing : 10:05 PM (Fri – Sun)



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  • Saleem Haq 1 year ago

    Watch out! Probably tomorrow a UN or some other international organisation’s report might come up listing Pakistan as number 1 among the developed countries!

    All the ‘credits’ for all the good works surely go to “Nawaz and Zardari” and the ‘discredits’ of all the bad things that have happened so far go to “The People of Pakistan”, because Pakistanis don’t deserve anything good anyway! They don’t deserve clean air, clean water, electricity, reasonable transportation, jobs, health care & proper education systems, justice and we don’t even deserve to live!

    The only deserving people are our leaders.

  • Mustansar Billah 1 year ago

    You got it right Saleem Sahab!