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Remembering the iconic Waheed Murad, 32 years on

It has been 32 years since Pakistan’s arguably most famous actor till date, Waheed Murad, passed away.

Waheed Murad was born on 2nd October 1938 in Sialkot. After graduating from S.M.Arts College in Karachi, he secured his MA qualification from Karachi University.

Waheed began his illustrious career with the film Insan Badalta Hai in 1960. In this movie, however, he was a producer. It was not until 1961 that he embarked on his career as an actor, when he starred in the movie Aulaad. He was cast in that movie as a supporting actor. From Aulaad to Zalzala, Waheed Murad has acted in as many as 125 films and each role of his was powerful. He’s also worked in 8 Punjabi films and one Pashto film.




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