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  • Muhammad Siddique 1 year ago

    EOBI have Rs/ 292 billion in their credit but due to bad goverance from Pervaizi tenor the funds were looted/stolen by preplanned by the government employees, polictian, land grabber, lawyers but they are still enjoying their lifes from huge amount looted from EOBI. Law is powerless in front of Corrupt Mafia. EOBI have not uploaded their finanial accounts on their web site because massive corrupt are still continue and heavy weight of management appointed in EOBI whose performance are eating the further funds of EOBI.

  • Muhammad Siddique 1 year ago

    ARY news has already aired the serval programme on massive corruption in EOBI but NAB and FIA official are totally duff they are also getting shares from EOBI. Present Government has also appointed Chairman in EOBI who was working in grade 20 and transferred to EOBI in grade 22 it mean that huge weight of funds are still available for eating of government employees but EOBI insured/pensions are not able to get the benefit from their own sources. The present increase is only lolly pop because majority of pensioners are getting Rs. 5,000 to 6,000 per month but no increase benefit were on them.