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  • Kamran Haider 1 year ago

    Not just sindh, Pakistan needs more than 4 provinces. When we came to
    being, our population was 4 crore. Today we are more than 19 crore and
    all developed and under developing countries are creating more provinces
    for better control and audit. Bangladesh is smaller than us and now has
    9 provinces. Nigeria, Srilanka, India all have created more provinces
    for better control. We should have more provinces. it wont break the
    country, it will make it more POWERFUL! These old parties want to keep the control. we should think for Pakistan and not just small areas of our interests

  • Zahid Tanvir 1 year ago

    but you dont divide a city like Karachi and create a new province for MQM _ mafia type of rule
    this is a whole new debate,

  • Rao Mukhtar Ahmad 1 year ago

    what a country ? what a nation ? For better management province can not be established evenO administratively, creation of new Tallukas , District and Division its O K but for next step the Province Oh not possible ,it is matter of life n death so mersoon mersoon started as we are habitual to leave in darkness without electric power but construction of Kala Bagh Dam ? oh mersoon mersoon ——— Are we a nation ? Please Please think and decide once about The Country n Nation Which is essential Political parties OR NATION’S Future and start ZARB E SALAMTI now

  • Nadeem Hassan 1 year ago

    Sindh will be divided, and Mohajir Province will be carved out.