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Questions over Ayyan Ali raised during PAC meeting




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  • Reality Check 8 months ago

    Everyday before a game, I see on all channels, singing songs of Pakistan’s victory, is that the honest approach while they lost most of the games they played in the past, I am afraid not, honest approach is to make them realize the mistakes they are making, expertise interviewing members of the teams about their personal lives, is this the right approach rather than talking about opponents, making them know how to perform and adopt with the situation while in other country, talk about weather, pitches, atmosphere, players, techniques, no it is a very difficult job for them as they will not take a pain to do the research before hand, anchors sitting with nice suits and ties talking about weather rather than quoting examples of past Pakistani heroes and their strategies. Cricket has changed a lot since then but those strategies still could be helpful. 80% of the Pakistani players are school fall outs, they have no knowledge how to perform in an alien country and pitches there. I am afraid you cannot educate them because it is too late but show them videos and other related staff about the country that they are going to visit, talk about different bowlers and batsmen of the opponent country. I played top first class cricket in my own way hence very much familiar with all tricks that these players do while playing against other teams. I hope and pray, one day cricket in Pakistan get clear from all politics giving Pakistani spectators to have good time enjoying Pakistan’s victories in a real sense.