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Qamar Mansoor`s medical report issued



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  • Sand Man 1 year ago

    Hajj & Umra is for Saudis only ?

    First they slapped Visa for Muslims intending to perform hajj or Umra. Then they commercialized it by requiring mandatory hotel stays. Then came the Hajj & Umra only thru their licensed tour operators. Now, this arrest declares Hajj and Umra out of bound for anyone who diagrees with Saudi distortions of Islam (and the Saudi lack of political vision).

    Bravo Saudis, you have made sure that struggle for liberation of Hijaz must be declared a religious duty.

  • DawaR 1 year ago

    99.8% Pakistanies don’t care

  • Alansaralhaq 1 year ago

    Saudis are transgressing and if it were not the blessing of the final prophet pbuh and the holy cities these fools would suffer a fate worse than the worse we can imagine.

    Ordinary Saudis are beautiful and wonderful people but this regime is destroying the Muslim world.

    Stays silent on Palestine but seeks a pan Muslim force to fight Yemen houthis. You should know our Lord loves reconciliation and not the transgressor.

    The Saudi regime is very edgy and unstable and have told the world if you are vocal about us and a Muslim from non Saudi background we can deny you Hajj and Umrah and imprison you.

    Do you not see the errors of your ways are you not akin to The Pharaoh suggesting you are above criticism.

    American, Europrans, Zionists and an Idol Worshipper can say all they can but you will release your anger on Muslims!

    Shame Shame on you.

  • Muhammad Naqash 1 year ago

    Saudis dont deserve the custody of our sacred place

  • rana1 1 year ago

    Well said.Zaid Hamid has enemies in pakistan who very likely did him in in saudia. Zaid does speak against the wahabi ideology but not against saudia.He had left Pakistan on shab e baraat to visit Medina for prayers.He has enemies in pakistan from all walks of life.It would not be surprising that some other agencies are involved in getting him arrested. We pray to ALLAH for his release.

  • Mano Ji 1 year ago

    How can our Government take this matter so lightly, Zaid Hamid is our national Hero and KSA arrest him, today i know how cheap our country could further be.

  • kaamAdmi 1 year ago

    6 millio perform hajj ever year. More than half a billion visit hijaz annually. Non is arrested. If you are Ziond Hamid fan Plz qoute some source in sport of yuor conemt

  • saad 1 year ago

    Saudi dictatorship is shameful. Arresting a person from Umrah in Ramadan, just because he didnt supported Saudis attack on Yemen muslims. Saudis should behave like a muslim country.
    Pakistan foreign office was sleeping since last 2 weeks? dumb govt of noora league cant even get access to ZH in 2 weeks

  • kaamAdmi 1 year ago

    Rach year 6 million perform hajj & half a billion visit hijaz, how many are arrested? First librate truth then think of hijaz “ye bary naseeb k hn faisly”

  • hussains 1 year ago

    what a bunch of waste’s these wobb l ers. Pakistan will NEVER DO YOUR BIDDING. YOU STAY IN BED WITH ISRAEL. Exactly what is his crime. That he exposed you wob b l rs for the arrogant fools you are?