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PPP leader claims govt backing Taliban



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  • syed zahid hussain 8 months ago

    All parties are working since 1980 when Talban mindset was giving birth but no one have strong will to oppose the mind set properly.All parties are working to get govetence status but never come out boldy against this mindset.Forty thousand militery personal lost their life and too much civilian rather innocent voters lost their lifes.More over forty years generation gone to dark in education mostof university get illegel weapons moral values of society get darkness with evil activities in every fueld of life.So much that harming their idlamic values.Alas if the political parties come out and pass the consitution with strong will and give good goverence abd start their home work agsinst this mindset the this will be avery nice work for human life to live on earth with peace.They must fever army step to retain the position of seventy when morsl values of society were not gone to dark so much.