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It’s all about power play when it comes to politics. Arshad Sharif shows his serious stance on the issues with his hard hitting questioning style. It will be a grilling hour where Arshad Sharif trying to reveal the actual PowerPlay of the story that from where the stings are pulling.

Timing : 08:05 PM (Fri – Sun)



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  • Syed M Hussain from Chicago US 1 year ago

    Mr. Mirza is a true example of shamless and heartless person.

  • Nabeel Cn 1 year ago

    Mirza wants true Bhutto blood back in Pakistan, not in a foreign cage.
    Mirza is against MQM-PPP coalition.
    Mirza is against Zordari’s Muq-muqaa!

    Hats off to you Mirza if this is not any politics and all from your heart!!!