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Topic: Interview

Guest : Kashif Abbasi, Shoaib Razzaq, Sabir Sahkir, Sami Ibbrahim

It’s all about power play when it comes to politics. Arshad Sharif shows his serious stance on the issues with his hard hitting questioning style. It will be a grilling hour where Arshad Sharif trying to reveal the actual PowerPlay of the story that from where the stings are pulling.



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  • Muhammad Jahangir 1 year ago

    very proud of you Fawad on taking firm stand against intimate scenes in all bollywood movies

  • Imran Younis 1 year ago

    Welldone Fawad… Nothing is better than values..

  • Jenny 1 year ago

    Descent person

  • Sara 1 year ago

    Fawad sharafat se pakistan wapas ajao. Iss tarha toh saare producers apni movie se nikaal denge. Kya izzat reh jae gi tumhari. Rejected piece ban jao gae. Dont you know You got to be shokha in bollywood to survive or you will return back like a rejected failure. There is no need to go and settle in the industry whose dynamics you have zero regard for. Your values clash with those in bollywood. If industry cant respect that then come back okay.hold on to some dignity while u still have it.