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  • Saad Aftab 1 year ago

    soundtrack name ?

  • Kar An 1 year ago

    hahah its funnyyy .. agar modi agge atta to news hoti ke . jhuk gye modi nawaj k samne . news wo dikho jo sach ho . jo do desho ki nafrat mitta de .. luv & respect to pakistan frm india

  • Stop following indians in reporting. You guys are just being pathetic by this kind of reporting

  • Akhter Lone 1 year ago

    Itni Be Izzati Moody Ne Nahi Ki Jitni Media Kar Deta Hai

  • Deepak Goswami 1 year ago

    Is Mai Ki Problem Nahi hai Ager Hamare Koi hum Se Milne Hamare Pass Aaraha hai To Hum apna Haat ho aage Badha Hi Sakte Hai.
    Chahe Wo Koi PM Ha Ya koi Poor Man. Hum hindu Hai Hum Chahe kITNA bHI Standread Kyo Na Ho Jaaye Per Hamare Dil Mai Hamesha Achai hi jhalakti Hai Jo zin k Nahi Jhalkti Un Ki Umer Badne K Saath Saath Dikhai Deti Hai

  • GB Pakistan 1 year ago

    agr 15 qadam nahe dalty to modi tk kaisy pohnchty :)

  • Janas malik 1 year ago

    abbey dhakkan, watch the clip again. you are telling something else.

  • Zahra Huseini 1 year ago

    Media needs to stop this senseless propaganda against BJP. Its not even a news. And Nawaz Sharif had to walk all the way there anyways because he was supposed to sit on that side. Are the reporters blind or what?? Complete crap honestly!! If you don’t respect yourself, then please stop disgracing others.

  • pakistani 1 year ago

    pathetic reporting …stupid

  • awais q 1 year ago

    this doesn’t look like a News channel anymore. In diplomacy the winner is who can create peace not one who can show unwanted show of strength . anyways this is the most stupid thing i have seen on a news channel till now .