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Pakistani swashbuckling batsman Ahmad Shahzad has apparently taken a break from clicking selfies and opted for dubsmash videos instead!

We all knew Ahmad Shahzad was a big fan of clicking selfies, but this comes as a surprise. The hard-hitting batsman recorded and uploaded a dubsmash video of himself and fellow Pakistani cricketer Asad Shafiq, acting out dialogues from Sholay.

Ahmad Shahzad can be seen sizing up Asad Shafiq’s arms, as he lip syncs Gabbar Singh’s impassioned demand for Thakur’s limb. Whilst Shahzad maintains a serious expression and expertly acts out his dialogue, Shafiq seems unable to contain a laugh from escaping his lips. In the end though, Shafiq does manage to mouth off a desperate ‘no’ which seems more than convincing.



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  • Faith Freedom 1 year ago

    very nice and sweet

  • Mehar Luqman 1 year ago

    bagho altaf kaha tak baghtey ho