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When it’s Off the Record, it has to be Hard-hitting, focused and absolutely real to make an impact. Kashif Abbasi takes on his guests with his dynamic critique about their claims and statements to bring out the truth. The Program Not Only Highlight the Developments in The Political Sphere But is Also a Hard Hitting Talk Show with 3 Regular Guests All with Individualistic Perspectives Who Field & Dodge the Stinging Queries of Kashif Abbasi in His Characteristic Element.

Timing : 08:05 PM (Mon – Thu)



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  • asgher 1 year ago

    Very well said Mr. Aziz!!

    A country that holds 7 million Kashmiri people under army confinement since 60 years and threatens its neighbor with domestic terrorism and admits its terrorist role in participating in 1971 war loses the eligibility of ever becoming a UN permanent member.