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When it’s Off the Record, it has to be Hard-hitting, focused and absolutely real to make an impact. Kashif Abbasi takes on his guests with his dynamic critique about their claims and statements to bring out the truth. The Program Not Only Highlight the Developments in The Political Sphere But is Also a Hard Hitting Talk Show with 3 Regular Guests All with Individualistic Perspectives Who Field & Dodge the Stinging Queries of Kashif Abbasi in His Characteristic Element.

Timing : 08:05 PM (Mon – Thu)



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  • Salman 1 year ago

    These guys have made a mockery of the rules and laws that they are supposed to be the guardians of. First it was PTI and now MQM. Pakistan political system has become a laughing stock. During the PPP government MQM resigned and joined back a million times. Here again, it seems, mukmuka and self-interest have been given a higher precedence over the law. How come PMLN, PPP and hypocrites like JUI-F claim to be the guardians of democracy when they only use it in their interests. Pakistan can only thrive if the black sheep masking them as political parties are eradicated from the political system. On one hand MQM has been labeled as murderers and bhatta party while on the other our Government is ready to pander to their desires so that they join back. We can see why they say that democracy is the best revenge. Our nation and our people have been plundered and ravaged in the name of saving democracy. God bless this nation!