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When it’s Off the Record, it has to be Hard-hitting, focused and absolutely real to make an impact. Kashif Abbasi takes on his guests with his dynamic critique about their claims and statements to bring out the truth. The Program Not Only Highlight the Developments in The Political Sphere But is Also a Hard Hitting Talk Show with 3 Regular Guests All with Individualistic Perspectives Who Field & Dodge the Stinging Queries of Kashif Abbasi in His Characteristic Element.

Timing : 08:05 PM (Mon – Thu)



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  • Salman 1 year ago

    Well, Gautam hasn’t even been selected for this w’cup. And I don’t see him getting selected in the future either. The comment by Gautam is a typical response by a man who has been frustrated severely and he has only his incompetence to blame. Well established people like Basit Ali do not need to respond to such lowly comments. Let him rot, don’t give him the attention he’s fishing for.

  • Balman 1 year ago

    Lol for “Well established people like Basit Ali”