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When it’s Off the Record, it has to be Hard-hitting, focused and absolutely real to make an impact. Kashif Abbasi takes on his guests with his dynamic critique about their claims and statements to bring out the truth. The Program Not Only Highlight the Developments in The Political Sphere But is Also a Hard Hitting Talk Show with 3 Regular Guests All with Individualistic Perspectives Who Field & Dodge the Stinging Queries of Kashif Abbasi in His Characteristic Element.

Timing : 08:05 PM (Mon – Thu)



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  • ytakeeasy 1 year ago

    India first tested its first nuclear weapon in 1974 and the world “wondered” what was the nature of the explosion when earlier Norway or Denmark had shipped Heavy Water, in a surreptitious way to help India develop nuclear weapons. Then in 1988 India “surprised” the West with multiple tests when all the Western Satellites circling the Earth were conveniently looking elsewhere.

    India has refused to sign Non Proliferation Treaty and still it is being supplied with materials that can be diverted to weapons making. However the supplied material was monitored and India was caught diverting the material to barred sites. Despite all that Obama has not only agreed to provide India with advanced nuclear technology but he has also agreed to remove the monitoring systems from the Indian sites. The more you defy the more rewards/concession India gets. GREAT OBAMA GREAT OBAMA REVERSE LOGIC.

  • Tazeen 1 year ago

    Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state while keeping at front the responsible attitude of the state in the nuclear domain, and by appreciating the efforts done by the country in committing itself to the norms of international nuclear non proliferation regime while remaining outside the NPT, its seeking for membership in NSG would be a reward to its overall non proliferation efforts in the nuclear domain. Membership into NSG would make Pakistan to trade in the field of nuclear material so that it can use it for civilian purposes and for fulfilling the rising energy demands of energy by importing reactors and fuel.

  • Shirley Robertson 1 year ago

    The foremost motive for Pakistan’s pursuit for civil nuclear covenant with the US is disparity which will be created by Indo-US 123 agreement. Therefore, when the US signed nuclear pact with India, Pakistan had indicated to Washington that deal would have serious fallout on deterrence stability in South Asia. To stabilise South Asia, the US should offer the same nuclear deal to Pakistan. Especially, if the deal comes with the assurance that Pakistan’s existing nuclear facilities will remain intact and unmonitored. This Pak-US nuclear agreement will also facilitate US in the long run to avert the next regional war, which may well be over the water that Pakistan so desperately relies on for electricity generation.

  • Sataish 1 year ago

    The US President Obama made a
    telephonic call to Pakistani PM Nawaz after few days of his visit to India. It
    is very much evident that Pakistan has its strategic importance and US can’t
    surpass Pakistan in keeping its love for India. Certainly, this phone call has
    its implications in the regional politics. Soon after the call, Indian PM Modi
    also made a call to Nawaz Sharif. Interestingly, this is a very immediate
    response from Indian side which also indicated that India gets highly uncomfortable.
    The NSG membership is an inherent right of Pakistan. It sails in the same boat
    with India. There should not be a distinctive attitude by the international
    community for Pakistan against India. It is a sheer reflection of double
    standards of the great power, US.

  • Daddy Yunkie 1 year ago

    Pakistan being a responsible nuclear state always engaged in promoting objectives of non-proliferation, pleaded for making Pakistan a part of all international export control regimes, especially Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). United States should offer Pakistan a civilian nuclear deal as a way to protect the relationship, relentlessly tested during the last decade, as well as to secure long-term interests with regard to containing militancy and atomic safety. By concluding a civil nuclear deal with Pakistan US government will gain greater knowledge of Pakistan’s nuclear safety and security.

  • Shahid 1 year ago

    Regarding the track record, Pakistan has made every effort to ensure the safety and security of its nuclear material, weapons, sites and facilities. Pakistan has taken strict measures for the export control of nuclear materials and respects the non-proliferation norms. Its consistent efforts to improve the operational capabilities have earned it a position as a responsible nuclear state that has been recognized by several states. Pakistan can benefit from nuclear supplier group for its economic progress.

  • Aabid Hussain 1 year ago

    mqm is terrorist mafia