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NAIMAT-E-IFTAR (LIVE FROM KHI) Part – 1 – 3 July 2015



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  • hassan 1 year ago

    mqm vote is totally ethinicity based not performance based tht why despite poor performance, crimes they won the election on muhajir card. where as full appreciation for kpk people who rejected anp on performance. if they have voted on ehnicity anp would have never lost there. thts why sindh is lagging behind punjab, and kpk despite more potential whether rural sindh or urban sindh, because sindh people not held thier rulers accountable for their performance, corrupttion and crimes. today kanvar naveed and mqm know tht even if they do nothing in karachi they will will solely win next election on muhajir card. it is hard to believe we r still living in 21st century.

  • naeem jarwar 1 year ago

    Altaf was able to incite muhajir propaganda and it was centre of MQM. So this result was expected .Secondly,MQM has created atmosphere of threat and violence.So people vote him because they want to live. Altaf has been exposed from all sides and you will see the result of other parts of Karachi will be different if transparent elections are ensured.