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Naheed Ansari Show 5th July 2015 – Watch Online, with a lot of entertaining segments, you can reinvent your kitchen with amazing tips by Chef Naheed Ansari with Co-Host. Learn the exclusive recipes which you can prepare easily at home to win hearts of your family and friends.  With experts on board at our show, there will be very informative discussions on variety of women related aspects of life from home improvement to parenting. You can ask your questions and contribute your feedback.



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  • Zafar Iqbal 1 year ago

    Salaam to everyone the reason Pakistani leaders especially PML Noon, PPP, MQM, Maulana Diesel and like him are the biggest living terrorists in Pakistan in name of democorrupcy. These people do not even drink their own land water. All their wealth is outside, travel and live in 5 star accommodations, these people are out of touch with ordinary Pakistanis, can never give them justice and safety and a roof over their head. This is why they’re out of touch and will be out of touch forever unless they sincerely repent and become good Muslims.

    Hazrat Ali R.A says “the biggest traitors are the ones who are not righteous with their nation”.