Program Highlights

A British tourist was feeding a macaque when the monkey grabbed her camera and recorded a video selfie.

Lizzy Ware was having a ball, feeding monkeys and recording a video. However, things took a turn for the unexpected when the primate named Donna, snatched the camera from the tourist’s hand.

What for, you ask? To record a perfect, video selfie! After snatching the camera (the video still playing), the monkey proceeded to lick the lens of the camera and recorded a video selfie. Lizzy Ware, the tourist, eventually got her camera back from the monkey but another jumped atop her head.



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  • Muslim Bhatti Mim 1 year ago

    68 sal say ham kashmir main fight kir rahay hain, kashmir ki jang sirf or sirf 3 say 13 minutes kin hy, mager budget main sya hisay.