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Mera ghaflat mein dooba dil badal de by junaid jamshedMera Ghaflat Mein Dooba Dil Badal De by Junaid Jamshed



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  • alam 1 year ago

    lucman is really our national hero

  • Mubashir lucman you are a true Pakistani Muslim. I love your program. Please take care of yourself. I appeal to the army and rangers to bring that Altaf to Pakistan and hang him in public and finish this mqm killer party from our country.He is a killer of innocent people and anti islam. All his party leaders should be put in jail or hanged. They are destroying the peace in our country. Have you ever seen the faces of any mqm leaders??? They look horrible.

  • NK,
    Your views are extreme just like the person Altar you are accusing of. MQM is a voice of all people including people of sind and no one can shut MQM. If you want to shut MQM than shut all political parties including PTI which attack parliament.


  • Naveed 1 year ago

    What about his show aired on GEO for his involvement with RIaz Malik.

  • Irfan 1 year ago

    you are 100 percent right Mr Luqman may Allah give courage to politicians of sindh, Journalists and other karachi citizens to talk against the violence and cruel of Altaf and MQM

  • Mubashir Lucman, your credibility is already in question in the eyes of our educated society. REMEMBER, people like you can only shake the image of MQM but you can never touch its strong foundation. Long live MQM and its leader.

  • Shaukat Mehmood Butt 1 year ago

    WOW! only thing i would say is you have no sense what so ever, u were born dumb , brought up dumb and will die dumb by MQM

  • DR K. MUBARAK 1 year ago