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Maamta Ep 18 “Motherhood is the greatest and the hardest thing.”

‘Maamta’ is an exceptional story about a couple tied to each other in a sacred bond of love. In order to complete their family with inception of a baby they are ready to face all kinds of hardships and challenges.

Maamta Ep 18 – 17th June 2015

Maaz marries his soul mate Sonia against his mother’s consent. Maaz has spent his childhood with all kinds of monetary problems. Keeping his past in mind he doesn’t want to have a baby early in order to maintain a good life style. On the contrary Sonia wants to conceive a baby, yet suppresses her feelings for Maaz.

The situation gets aggravated by Maria (Maaz’s cousin) a shrewd business women; who is in search of a submissive husband to look after her business. Maria offers financial assistance to Maaz only on the condition if he marry her. Sonia pressurized by her mother-in-law sees this as her only chance to help Maaz, but God has some greater plans for the poor guy.



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