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  • saeed 1 year ago

    afsoos jo cheez sikhani ha nhi sikhate

  • Kamran Ahmed 1 year ago

    Open challage to All India

  • Usman Iqbal 1 year ago


  • Baqir Ali 1 year ago

    what a voice bro.

  • NOOR ulhadi 1 year ago

    may samjha yeh bacha koi aur talent ko show karega , sir pay topi hath may kitaab hai afsos ‘ yeh india ka aik behaya song gaa raha hai ‘ Tabhi humara mulk peechay ki traf jaraha hai ‘ i don’t think so that we should teach our kids these things specially at this level

  • WooW nice voice

  • Asma Imran 1 year ago

    very good voice

  • Rana Muneeb 1 year ago

    nice voice yaar

  • Mohammad Ayaz Khan 1 year ago

    wah wah beta wah kia baath he

  • Atif Safdar 1 year ago

    Nice voice but not a nice post… The kid should have done something good instead of singing a song, weird!