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Khilona Ep 17 Khilona is a story where the balance of life must be maintained at all times. Once this balance is disturbed in anyone’s life, the person becomes a mere object to play with.

Khilona Ep 17 – 7th August 2015

Hira, a middle class honest girl meets Omer, a family friend on his father’s funeral. She wanted to repay an old debt on behalf of her father. Her sheer honesty impressed Omer and he decides to marry her in haste of emotions. Status conscious mother of Omer was against this mismatch as she wanted Maria (her niece) to become her daughter-in-law. This power struggle turns Hira’s life miserable and worthless like a playing object.

Omer’s love and first wife who becomes victim to class difference, love knows no difference, love knows no boundaries. A man who struggles to maintain a balance between love and social pressure. Omer’s cousin and second wife to match his social status!!!

Some decisions are difficult to make but inevitable in nature, Anas is the neglected son of Omer & Hira, who is desperate for father‘s love.

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  • M.darez 1 year ago

    Can you please try to find out who inspected the bridge and is there any documents to confirm this bridge was inspected in January just like railway authority are saying.

  • Mustansar Billah 1 year ago

    I really doubt it.

  • Dr. Jasaim 1 year ago

    Why care less??? These are lives and special care for our army youngs. Why gov and railway employee never take care in rail track service.
    Till when we will keep ok lossing these important lifes. !!!!!!!!