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Khabar Se Khabar Tak

Join Senior investigation journalist Rauf klasra and senior journalist Aamir Mateen, in an hour long heated discussion that aims to dig deeper into the events and stories that affect our country and its future.

Timing : 10:05 PM Live ( Mon – Thu )



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  • faraaz ahmed 1 year ago

    Mr. Captaan is this demand part of your agenda. wah janaab tell me how many doctors you will ask Government to send foreign for treatment. We are over 18 caroor pakistani. Stop your nonsense and take admission in any institute where you could learn politics because there is a big difference between criciket of 11 individuals and politics where you have to deal 18 caroor individuals. You have already given good reward for us through dharna by dismentaling it and go for marriage.

  • DoctorMcZ 1 year ago

    faraaz make dua, you will also get married Insha Allah. Try to control your jealousies.

  • akmal 1 year ago

    faraaz if politics is what ppp or pmln or mqm do i would rather imran khan not to know about politics,so stop ur foolishness it pple like who have supported this lot who ruined pak in first place..FOOL!

  • Munir Shah 1 year ago

    chaa gya oh sonya