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Crime and lawlessness is touching its pinnacles in this society. Jurm Bolta Hai has made its responsibility to point out the injustice, loud and clear to help raise the victim’s voice.

Timing : 07:05 AM (Mon – Thu)



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  • FASIAL 1 year ago

    Dr Qadri gets credit for stating the obvious!!! Muk Muka was obvious, rigging was obvious, politicians were behind terrorism was obvious, corruption was obvious, money laundering was obvious, why is Qadri a hero by only waking people up to the obvious! or why is our nation so asleep that they are oblivious from the obvious?

  • Mohammad Ali Khan 1 year ago

    Dr. Qadri is fasting? It is Ramadan and he is telling lies while he is fasting, he is throwing wild unproved allegations during the fast.
    What kind of fast? what kind of Ramadan?