Program Highlights


Program based on interesting, unique and memorable footages from across the world with also interesting facts behind these footages which are hidden.

Timing : 04:35 PM (Sat )



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  • Well i think it is not against MQM and it is against lawlessness. The killings of innocent people by anyone invites revenge of GOD which can start any day when HE desires so.

  • Raheel Sharif and Army are doing great job. We are waiting for the day when action against MQM of Lahore(PML-N) will start. We have not forgotten Model town case.

  • Look at the number of people, this is a show of their actual strength. Only a few people!

  • amaan 1 year ago

    Do u really want to see actual strength.. wait till next month bielection.. that will b a slap to ur punjabi nationalism establishment

  • Unpredictable Soul 1 year ago