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  • Parvez Iqbal 1 year ago

    Well done my hero! You are a true Afridi. Let the shameless idiots dance on Indian TV for a few pieces of silver. We are proud of you as you are not only one of the cricketing world’s best talent but a self-respecting and patriotic man. My prayers are with you.

  • Why this man is such a hypocrite ?? he was ready to dance in front of people on indian songs?? IS THIS ALLOW IN ISLAM ?? he said alot of things previously about his culture and religion NOW WHERE IS UR RELIGION MR AFRIDI WHY EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED FOR MEN AND WHEN IT COMES TO WOMEN U START GIVING LECTURE OF CULTURE

  • Sir, your hero had no problem in dancing on indian songs in front of the word ur hero never had any problem to touch holding hands and giving signatures to female fans but ur hero gives long speeches about his religion and culture

  • Parvez Iqbal 1 year ago

    For both of you: learn the difference between religion and culture.