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  • Saleem Haq 1 year ago

    He is the true hero and a real politician who doesn’t need to be a politician to do what he is doing! If we just had one Malik Riaz in each city, our country would have become heaven. May Allah bless him more in this world and in the hereafter.

    Our greedy and shameless leaders are sitting in their mansions and getting all sorts of supplies uninterrupted, while we the people are just craving for the basic necessities of life. People don’t have clean drinking water and here they are with water park and other “luxurious” projects (as I call them, since they are out of our reach) getting full fledged supplies as if there were no water or any other shortages. Such a shame that these corrupt leaders don’t feel even a bit of shame and resign!

    May the curse of Allah, His Angels and all His creation be on those who have purposely brought Pakistan and many other countries to this stage. May they suffer even worse than what we are suffering and may they be in hell just the way we are now!

    No matter what you gather or whatever creed you belong to, only your deeds will determine your END.

  • maliksagar 1 year ago