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  • WeThePeople 1 year ago

    Mr.Karan Johar …. actually, It is opposite ….. We are sorry for American Society as it has got into MAD and SAD situation after making This CRAZY and SELFISH act of SameSexMarriage , LEGAL :-(
    today it’s SameSex :-(
    tomorrow SELFISH guys will want BiSexual :-(
    then INCEST with Kids or Fathers or Mothers or Brothers or Sisters :-(
    then PAEDOPHILES will want Legality for EXPLOITING their OWN KIDS :-(
    then with Animals, with ASSUMED “behavioural CONSENT from the Animal” ? :-(
    ok …… … see the other Side Effect……
    Have You ever thought of CHILD RIGHTS, if in the name of LIBERTY, these “COUPLES” will want to REPRODUCE(??) their “own” IVF_Surrogacy-supported BABIES with UNKNOWN sperm or egg ??

    Won’t those KIDS miss the RIGHT TO KNOW their “biological” parents ?? :-(
    Won’t they miss the RIGHT of LOVE from BOTH father and mother ?? :-(

    In short, finally, ALL SANE SOCIETIES should agree on the fact that “CHILD RIGHTS are more important and prior than ADULT RIGHTS” …. isnt it ??