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  • akmal 1 year ago

    the write says there other issues,and remark alone should tell what kind stupid thinking some pak pple have,his hamza should leave issues which challenges allah,s guidance given to man women relationship but pak pple are so eager to please the masters in west they want not celebrate not just valentine day or new year or xmas but go one better than the white pple in England (and trust me the majority of brits do not approve of gay marriages i knw that cus i live in uk amongst them ) but go one better and shout from roof tops of their villas that we support gay marriages then u wonder why pak is mess.well done hamza for speaking up

  • Rizwaan 1 year ago

    As he rightly said that there is nothing Grey. It’s either Black or White. Here we must understand that in Islam the only book to show black and white is the Quran. If we see the other Islamic books there are many grey areas and due to that as we all know our nation is suffering a lot. The Quran says “come to the common terms” and this verse is especially about the people of the book. Just imagine if Allah is instructing Muslims to ask non Muslims to come to common terms then doesn’t somebody thinks that it applies first to the Muslims themselves? Drawing a line will definitely be next to impossible if we continued in the direction we are heading!

  • darakshan aftab 1 year ago

    We are with you brother. May ALLAH PAK bless you ( AAMEEN)

  • Rizwaan 1 year ago

    It is of course unnatural and whatever is unnatural always has consequences. The supporters of gay marriage have accused Hamza that he posts anti gay comments to gain fame, but as a matter of fact it is on the contrary! The fact is that the gays are sitting in some of the top positions because the West somehow is supporting / spreading this and other vices around the world. Just take Internet where we all know that the majority of porn sites are developed and marketed by whom? How all of a sudden an embarrassing ad pops up in front of you while browsing a clean website! We are not angels and we all have our shortcomings, it just depends on what one really is looking for!

    The Quran says that Satan misleads people and encourages them to deface the nature that Allah has created. This says it all about the way we are being treated by the west. In fact it is not only Muslims who are suffering, but all those who stand for the truth are suffering too, be they Christians, Jews, Hindus etc. The hardest thing is to stand by the Truth. The war here is not actually among religions, but it is between Right and Wrong! Let’s say in India there are certain temples where we all see the statues of males and females in certain positions and it is a part of their culture and that’s why they further promote it! On the other hand when a woman is raped there, then we see a wave of protests condemning the acts! The question here is what do you exactly want? If you are promoting a certain culture, then don’t cry over its drawbacks, or otherwise don’t promote such culture!

    Oh yes there are a certain species of animals who are homosexuals by nature, but you will find that these species are infected with much higher number of diseases as compared to the heterosexuals. This example is enough for the people who possess logic and understanding! Another example is that if the entire population of this world were to becomes homosexuals right now, then the mankind would cease to exist after a few decades, I mean in a natural way, because scientists or genetic engineers are already there to do their jobs of defacing the nature, either by growing Genetically Modified crops or producing GM babies!

    The main purpose of all this is simply to control the population. Wherever they can they are using GM food as a birth control pill and where they can they are using bombs and bullets to control the population. Obviously they also won’t take all the earth’s resources with them to Mars or Hell or wherever! In fact we all have become victims of such control freak elites without even realising it!

  • Rizwaan 1 year ago

    Forgot to mention that wherever they can they are using biological, chemical, nuclear weapons etc, by first spreading viruses (biological) and then supplying vaccines (chemical) tainted with mortal chemicals, using depleted uranium (nuclear) in their bombs in many cases which are dropped on innocent civilians all around the Muslim world. This is just the tip of the iceberg. A layman can’t even comprehend the extent of the West’s wickedness, but unfortunately our weakness or greed for power and wealth doesn’t stop us from wagging our tails behind them.

  • Mehtaaz Mohd. 1 year ago

    After reading this, I feel so blessed to be an Indian. Though homosexuality is a crime here too, but you can’t expect a respected actor or actress saying this, and getting tons of support for it. Yes, you are entitled to difference in opinion, but come on, homosexuality is completely scientific. And how can you put religion above science?

  • Fasih Ullah Khan 1 year ago

    We are proud of you Hamza Ali Abbasi and we do have alot of respect for the logical views you have expressed here and on social media. Keep it up bro….Sachaee k raste me you have to face trials and difficulties. But very well done–well said. All “fanatics” narrow minded” “extremists” “hardliners” are stand by you and your rich opinion.

  • Vikram Singh 1 year ago

    HAHA this is the reason why we are blessed to be pakistani, homosexuality is not even in animals just like Hamza said, you indians will always sell your stupid identity to those who are “superior” to you, go on slave bleach your skin and help rape in yor country!

  • MNsr 1 year ago

    I am so happy that the majority here agree with Hamza. I thought he was a neo-Western Liberal, but I greatly respect him for standing up for his religion and the direct commandments of Allah, while the minority in our society that finds Islam too burdensome to follow, had gladly adopted anything with American or European tag on it, be it principle, value or culture, and know matter how disgusting, unnatural and inhumane it may be.
    But remember, all AHADITH indicate, that near the End Times, and especially at the coming of the Dajjal, the ancient evils will become prominent again, and this time his followers will shamelessly propogate them, and they will be accepted. We are seeing that happening. Islam is considered embarasing to defend, where as cultures even cheap by animal standards, are gladly adopted in the name of freedom.
    Long live Islam.

  • Mehtaaz Mohd. 10 months ago

    The language and abuse seems so “Pakistani”.