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  • Faisal Patel 1 year ago

    Shame on you . You are compairing a Muslim person (Ansar Barni ) to Bajrangi . You know who is Bajrangi . Toba Karo and Allah se daro………..

  • kaur 1 year ago

    ansar burney se inspired , woh bhi bajrangi bhaijaan……….yaar koi akal istamal karo……burney saab toh waisay bhi abhi tak salman ka itnay paisay kamanay ke dukh mein hain………

  • Brain Think 1 year ago

    The first thing the BIG DUFFERS dealing with this case, is to send her to India.

    When in India, she can be traced back to her family.

    She is still IN PAKISTAN, despite all of available information on her.