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  • Syed Asad Ali Rizvi 1 year ago

    Surrendering in 1971 was not disgusting but remarkable!
    Recalling that as history is disgusting.

  • Kevin 1 year ago

    Zardari has done it again. People of Pakistan and media were continuously demanding rangers operation across the board in Karachi from last few weeks. Therefore Zardari has no choice to create a chaotic situation in Karachi to divert the focus from PPPP. This strategy would delay establishment’s priorities for time being and allow Zardari and PPPP time to escape.

  • Zahid Tanvir 1 year ago

    Maybe he had to much chilli sauce in his Kebab, for far to long his Altaf Hussain got away literally “murder” Pakistan is much more then 90 – or Nine Zero as they have called it – code name lol even that shows deception
    Pakistan has the best Army and intelligence agency the world knows this – and they protect us and our borders and our so called democracy.
    this man need and his goons need to be bought to justice, the media needs to stop broadcasting stupid speeches of all people sitting overseas and inciting hatred, if he loves pakistan so much and has so much support he should come to pakistan and do them.
    any other government would not allow this – can you imagine Britain allowing a known criminal who is in exile to do such speaches