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  • Tanga 1950 1 year ago

    The MQM is again on the war path. Altaf Hussain, the dreaded leader, sitting cosy in his Edgware fort, plays the flute, and far far away, in the orient city called Karachi, his misled adherents start dancing and become his Masters Voice. An orchestrated drama that is played out nearly every day. And everyday his obedient followers sit tight lipped, immobile, looking serene as if turned to stone listening to the drawl that goes on and on with a sudden crescendo and the terrifying full throat blast that is uncomfortable to the ears. But the faithfuls sit and seem mesmerized while the rest of the nation is left thinking what the fate of their evening entertainment is going to be.
    Do all these free lance MQM workers not attend to their jobs or do they all live on the ransoms, protection money that the party collects? Where do they get all this time to attend these vocal orgies at 90?
    Just remember Dr. Kurtz of the Heart of Darkness?

  • Mohammad Ali Khan 1 year ago

    These people do not think that they are following a mentally deranged person called Altaf Hussain