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  • Shahid Ali Leghari 1 year ago

    yes everyone was expecting these 4 to reach semis.

  • Benish Azhar 1 year ago

    Luv u wahab bhai.u r r hero.wahab rocks.

  • Abdulhaq Sukhera 1 year ago

    وہاب ریاض میں اچھے کرکٹر کی خوبیاں موجود ہیں پر پی.سی.بی.کی کھلاڑی کو جانچنے والی عینک گم ہو گئی…اگر آئندہ کے لیے اسکو ٹیم کا کپتان بنا دیا جائے تو کچھ غلط نہ ہو گا….

  • Sohail Abbas 1 year ago

    Sharam karo Pakistani team and board members. Look at NZ performance today, can Pak produce players like Guptil or any one who can make 200 runs? The answer is “no”. Pak team is self destructive plus great politics driven by people like Najam Sethi and board members. Cricket game will die in Pakistan over the period of time.

  • Mian Umair 1 year ago

    yes i agree next captain should be wahab

  • Arslan Saeed 1 year ago

    cricket can produce another ponting , sachin , Javed or even viv richards and Don bradmen but cricket cannot produce another Shahid Khan Afrid

  • Malik Z-shan Awan 1 year ago

    He Is the Only One Who make Great Efforts in Today’s Match and At The This Guy Really make Me Sad when the Tear’s Roll Down From His Cheeks He Is The One Who Deserve the Solute A tribute For This Guy…………..A Legend in Cricket ……Wahab Riaz……..

  • Uzair Khan Suri 1 year ago

    we want to see wahab riaz as a captain of Pakistan