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  • Barjees 1 year ago

    I wonder why Burma is not coming up as a headline???

  • Khan 1 year ago

    Quite a reasonable performance it is. Keep going my fellow compatriots.

  • Arun 1 year ago

    “Per capita income in dollar terms recorded a significant growth of 9.25 percent in 2014-15”

    LOL! If per capita income in dollar terms increased by 9.25%, then since population growth in Pakistan is of the order of at least 2% per annum, and because per capita income = GDP/population, then the Pakistan GDP increased in dollar terms by at least 11.4%, and that would have been world-wide headlines as the fastest growing economy in the world, even if only in dollar terms!

  • GPR FIX 1 year ago

    Here is the problem, if you believe these figures, the per capita income increased in one year by a factor of 1513/1386 = 1.0916; and the population growing at a conservative 1.9% increased by a factor of 1.019, meaning the GDP increased by a factor of 1.1124%; i.e., Pakistan enjoyed an economic growth rate of 11.24%!